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Aerial Surveys Intl
Front Range Airport
37500 Astra Way #3E
P.O. Box 130
Watkins, CO 80137
(303) 261-9990

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Our Aircraft

Aerial Surveys International owns three aircraft that are available to serve you.

    They include:

  • Turbo-charged Twin Engine Cessna 401    N34MM
  • Turbo-charged Twin Engine Cessna 402    N1008A
  • Piper Cheyenne II Turbine Aircraft     N400CM

    This pressurized aircraft, with its optic flat camera port is extremely well suited for high altitude missions that are larger in scope.

  • Turbo-charged Twin Engine Cessna 402    NJ22
  • Turbo-charged Twin Engine Cessna 310    N7516Q

Our fleet of three twin engine aircraft is outfitted with state of the art cartographic film and digital cameras. Each of our aerial cameras are equipped with gyro mounts, forward motion compensation (FMC), "Track Air™" flight management systems and Trimble 5700 GPS equipment. Our Intergraph DMC digital camera is also equipped with an Applanix IMU.

Our aircraft are excellent platforms for the acquisition of both low and high altitude aerial imagery and can be adapted for a full range of airborne sensors.

Our Planes

Specialized Services

Do you have complex projects requiring quality cartographic imagery?

We have solutions to fit every size job, large or small.

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